Our Values

Mission & Values

Function’s Mission

To achieve long-term profitable growth through operational excellence that is valued and respected by customers, suppliers, and staff.

Mission and Values

What the Function values mean:

1. Recognising Performance
In order to always deliver a ‘top class’ service for our customers and maintain valued relationships with our suppliers we expect consistently high performance from everyone, individually and collectively.

2. Keeping Promises
We are committed to ‘doing what we say’, to ensure we always fulfill customer promises. ‘Keeping Promises’ to each other is fundamental in achieving effective and happy teamwork.

3. Communicating Honestly and Openly
We have the responsibility to build a company of integrity for our customers, suppliers and one another. All communication both written and spoken is appropriate and honest. We invite constructive feedback to improve.

4. Sharing Ideas
We constantly look for opportunities to share knowledge and best practice. Sharing ideas continuously helps to develop the business for the benefit of our customers, suppliers and one another.

5. Remembering the Detail
‘Part done is not done’ – we feel that it is the small things that often make the difference. We will always take individual responsibility for completing every job in full.

6. Supporting and respecting each other
We work better as a team and supporting and respecting each other is fundamental.