A move on the wild side


The World Society for the Protection of Animals move humans, rather than animals, from its Albert Embankment office to Grays Inn Road recently. 140 people were making the city trek. WSPA had concerns that Function was being overly optimistic with timescales but we love a challenge and managed to beat our own targets to the delight of the client – despite some moving goalposts. The start time was delayed by four critical hours and unexpectedly another company was moving out of the same building at the same time increasing demand on lifts and loading space. In well under 24 hours the whole move was complete including all desks, chairs, pedestals, moving the server equipment, IT and phone decommissioning and recommissioning. In the second phase the company archive was moved and all clearance and disposal was carried out. Function may not be jungle warriors – but we like to keep people happy in our urban jungle.