As Good As New

There is nothing better than a new office with some new furniture to brighten the place up, however, budget constraints can sometimes mean there are some tough choices to make on nice new things. Function can be on hand to restore your current furniture and make it look as good as new!

Function offers:

On or off-site repair to modern, contemporary, classic or reproduction wood furniture and finishes that have been damaged.

  • Work is carried out by Function’s expert polishers
  • Minor repairs – on-site treatment of small scratches, stains and blemishes
  • Wash and revive service – on-site or off-site treatment of finishes and lacquers
  • Total restoration – off-site wood revival in a dust-free environment
  • Re-staining of new or existing products
  • Not just furniture – reception counters, doors, panels, name plaques can all be treated

If you are interested in this service give us a call on 0207 138 3260