Dealer or No Dealer – Working with BlueCrest Capital Management

We recently completed a large relocation job for BlueCrest Capital Management. The job was completed over three phases for 280 people, 110 of which were traders who, on average, had six screens EACH!

Function Relocation provided move management for the move. The loading bay for the site was shared with other companies who receive around 400 deliveries in one day, so Function had to book in, get in line and share the goods lift with other companies.

Phase One – Pre Move Prep
Phase one took a total of nine days to complete. In this phase, the task in hand was to move the 110 traders to their new location. Function understands the importance of personal set up for traders. Unlike most moves that Function do in which the client management decides the design and layout of the new office, this one was all about the trader’s needs. The Function team had to ensure each trader (all 110 of them) were individually satisfied and confident with the layout of their new desk location. To do this, we set up a bank of four desks with monitors in various sizes and angles for 48 hours so that the traders could decide how they wanted their desk to be.

Once the traders were satisfied, Function Tech unpacked monitors, removed existing stands, fitted new plates and dropped cables through before the new desks were fitted.  Function Tech then installed PCs, mice and keyboards for the traders. They were all connected, powered and checked. Over a three-day period, the traders were in to test their equipment and layout. Any adjustments were made accordingly and signed off 24 hours before the move.

Phase One – The Move
We had a very tight window to move and install equipment for all of the traders plus the 30+ support staff. We started this at 4pm on Friday and our team had two hours to get all of the items down, packed and on the back of the Function truck ready to be moved.

On Saturday, all of the items were recommissioned and retested from 7am until 9pm. We needed to make sure everything was up and running as the dealers work on Sundays (The US market is open on Sundays). Some of the dealers were working that Sunday AND bank holiday Monday.

We were back in on Tuesday to offer support to those who were not there at the weekend. We met with the client to get some feedback. The only feedback was that the air con was too cold, which was out of our control so pat on the back to Function!

Phase Two
Phase two took four days and consisted of four moves across four evening with an average of 50 people moving per evening. This was mainly the admin staff, accounts team etc.

Phase Three – Clearance
During the clearance phase of the project, we adapted to constant changes. The client was deciding what items needed to be recycled, resold or disposed of and the Function team reacted accordingly. We disposed of a long list of items including; monitors, base units, soft seating, furniture, desks and chairs. Some items were taken for resale. Any items to be recycled were broken down into woods/metals etc. The clearance phase also included shredding and rubbish.

Above and Beyond
As with any project we do, we always go above and beyond where possible. Other tasks we completed for our client which were outside our scope included labelling 280 desks, 50+ cabinets, 350 lockers and the 350 keys to go with those lockers!

By 15th June we were complete!