Happy Days At Arcadia




As part of Function’s on-going work with Arcadia, the latest phase of a head office restructuring process has been completed with over 520 people moving over five consecutive evenings. The move included over 1000 metres of samples which, like the bulk filing, was all packed, moved and unpacked. Function provided a full move management service and helped Arcadia welcome their staff to their new ‘home’ by having all the right mugs, cutlery, mouse mats in place. All the ancillary items were stored off-site at Function’s warehouse with the right number delivered to site each night for that evening’s move. Each evening, after people had finished work, Function’s crews arrived to move around 100 staff, with project-dedicated staff ensuring continuity so that each evening went to plan, with everything ready for 8am the next morning. Usually we have one ‘Monday Morning Moment’ but this project gave us a five Happy Days in one week!

“Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,

Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,

Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,

The weekend comes, my cycle hums

Ready to race to you”