Lunch breaks! Love them or hate them, we should all be taking them! Those of the ‘sarnie as you type’ persuasion should take heed of the importance of taking the time to refuel and get some grub.

But who really wants to spend 30 mins of their lunch break queuing at the local deli only to be told that all the BLTs are gone when they get to the front of the line?

Our #BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch) guide not only gives you the pros of bringing your own lunch, we even give you a few lunch ideas!

Saving you money!

Let’s assume we spend £5 – £7 on lunch every day. 5 days a week. You could be spending almost £140 a month on lunch! That is £1680 a year! AKA a trip to the Bahamas!

Or, you could buy a loaf of bread (£0.85p), a pack of ham (£2.00), some cheese (£2.50) and a packet of tomatoes (£0.69p). That’s lunch for a whole week for £6.04 saving you almost £1390 a year!


Saving you time!

It takes about 3 minutes to make a sandwich and about 30 mins to go to the shop, queue up, order, and get back to the office to eat your sandwich. The time you save queuing you can spend resting, rejuvenating and having some real you time whilst you eat your lovely homemade nosh!


Health Benefits

By avoiding sandwich bars and shops, you avoid the temptation to buy other snacks throughout the day.


Lunch ideas

Okay, we are relocation experts not food experts but Buzzfeed have got a great list of 27 office lunch ideas.