Need Storage?

We have all heard of the “man drawer” and know that people with multiple handbags never clear them out properly. And why is this? WE LOVE STORAGE and we need more of it!

Even Friends’ neat-freak Monica Geller had a junk cupboard! So when your office drawers/ cupboard and spare rooms are filled to the brim with old files/ broken chairs and your Christmas decorations give Function a call!

Function provides a managed storage solution for all of your office items that you just don’t need right now but you might in the future.

Don’t waste your time – and money – sending your staff members to collect items from self-storage when Function can do everything for you.

Function charges its storage customers per week/ per box so there is no need to pay for a whole container of storage when you are only using a little bit of it. We even provide an emergency same day/next day delivery service from our warehouse to you for those items that you need urgently!

For more information simply email [email protected] or call 0207 138 3260