Not Quite As Intended

Sometimes we get great results – but not necessarily the result we were hoping for – here’s a few office related ‘accidents’

Bubble wrap began as a failed wallpaper. It was produced by sticking two shower curtains together but marketing failed. It was over a year later that its current used as packaging was discovered. IBM was the first company to make use of the product that we can’t imagine life without… Sealed Air, the company behind the pop – able protection has a history of encouraging innovation and have held competitions for budding young inventors. Past prize winning ideas include a floating garden to protect crops in flood areas, gloves for insulating the hands of people with circulation problems and an inexpensive alternative to scientific petri dishes.

Dr Spencer Silver was a 3M scientist who was working on adhesives and was trying to find a strong adhesive for the aerospace industry. He discovered that this particular adhesive stuck lightly but didn’t bond well. Determined to find a use, with a colleague he initially thought that it could be a good bookmark but then moved onto a whole new way of communicating, bringing the end to those slips of paper.

Eastman Kodak was trying to invent a material to make gun sights during the Second World War but it was just too sticky. In 1951 the researcher was experimenting with the same material while looking for a material for use in aeroplanes. It was then that the same scientist realised that ‘Eastman 910’ could be marketed as an uberglue  – or ‘superglue’ as we now know it….