Oops…we forgot again!


There is no doubt that moving is stressful, especially when it’s up to you to organising EVERTHING from moving budgets, to new stationary, there is no doubt that something may slip through the net.

Here is a list of the “small” things that can sometimes be forgotten when organising an office relocation:

Milk – We doubt there will be a single person who doesn’t want a cup of coffee when they get to their new office on a Monday morning. Make sure you have organised a delivery or found a local shop to pick up the pints

Breakfast & lunch meetings – Make sure you have done some research into what the local eateries are and whether they deliver.

Pigeon Holes – We all know that if there is an empty space, they will fill it with something. Don’t forget to create labels for everyone so they each have their own space.

Visitors – Perhaps prepare a map for visitors so they know how to find you in your new space.

Emergencies! – no, we are not talking about assembly points we are talking about biscuits! Have you found the local supermarket for those office necessities?