Perfect your Posture

Hands up if you’ve got a bad back? Those of you who raised your hand – we bet you work in an office! That’s because sitting at your desk all day raises several posture, back and neck issues. You might not feel the effect of them now but it’s thought the consequences of not sitting correctly at work can store up and affect you in years to come.

We have listed some do’s and don’ts to get your posture the best it can be, as well as some cool gadgets to help improve it even more!

Take regular breaks from your computer – even if it just means leaning back/stretching for 30 seconds, every little helpsSlouch over your desk. Especially when using your mobile phone.
Make sure you report any problems with your equipment to your office/facilities managerHave your seat or screen too high/low.
Keep your frequently used items close to you to avoid stretchingTake fewer long breaks
Take regular short breaksCradle the phone between your shoulder and your ear – if you are on the phone a lot, get a headset. Alternatively, try standing when you receive or make a phone call

Having a good chair to start with is a major bonus. There’s no need to spend a fortune. For the same price as an Ikea chair you can own a designer ergonomic office chair from our very own second hand office furniture shop. Check out the herman Miller Aeron chairs as seen on Newsnight (and as used by God in an episode of The Simpsons!). A more modest Giroflex would do an equally great job for your posture:

If you still struggling to beat that back pain, try a smart cushions. You would have read that sitting on a medicine ball is good for your posture and core strength. However, they aren’t the most practical. These smart disks are great to put on your seat. They have the same benefits as the medicine ball but are much more compact.