Smoother Office Moves


Moving office is stressful! Whilst you can save costs by sorting and arranging some aspects of the move yourself it can be a lot better for your sanity to bring in the experts. It can even cost you less in the long run depending on what help you need to hire in yourself – we can provide storage crates for as little as Xp per day – much cheaper than buying cardboard boxes! Function people know what they are doing. We have over 15 years’ experience in office relocations and understand the risks of moving!

We are different – if you’re getting lots of quotes we probably won’t be the cheapest – but we will possibly be the best value and we guarantee to offer you cost certainty.

If you think Function is the right company for your office move then give Lauren a call on 0203 195 7448 who would be happy to discuss your plans with you. Or you can watch our Certainty video to learn more about how we work to save you time, cost and stress.