The odds against us…


Samvo, the sports betting group, recently moved its HQ comprising 120 people’s furniture and equipment from the Hanger Lane area to Marylebone Road. Parking was a big issue at the new site as Marylebone Road is a red route and the parking on the side street nearby was already suspended for Westminster University building contractors. The problem was solved by negotiating with the contractor to use some of their parking bays at agreed times and consequently liaising with the council to ensure compliance with noise abatement regulations for the residential area.

After breathing a sigh of relief we then had another challenge – 24 hours before the move we discovered that the Samvo building contractors were moving the main reception in the only usable entrance. After extensive discussions with the site manager on a plan to enable the move and ensure the safety of the Function team, the move went ahead with appropriate personal protective equipment issued such as dust masks and hard hats.

After that it was a case of timings being critical to meet the client’s Feng Sui requirements….so the odds were definitely against us – but we beat them!