Through The Keyhole……..Who Lives In An Office Like This?


Given the relaunch of the iconic ‘Through The Keyhole’ on TV here’s one for you. Who lives in an office like this?

Your first clue – appropriate coasters…..



Funky furniture…..


Haribo Boy



And what’s with the colours?

and-whats-with-these-colours and-whats-with-these-colours-2-300x200 and-whats-with-these-colours-3-300x200

Need another clue? A new logo…


We’ve moved! We’ve got a new office and warehouse just a couple of miles away from the old warehouse. We’re now in Rainham with a funky office (we think anyway) and a much bigger nice and shiny high bay warehouse. We’ve got a new logo and we’ve got a new recruit – Haribo Boy who provides us with a lovely sugar rush and provides a cheery smile all day, every day.

Come along and grab a bag of pick and mix and say hello.