Tysers Chose Not To Risk It For A Biscuit!


Tysers’ business is risk management so Function was thrilled to be chosen to manage the risk of moving the company from its 3 floor home of 28 years in Camomile Street to Beaufort House, Aldgate. Function was invited to support the move by M Moser, the global interior architects.

Tyser’s move was different to most due to the logistical challenge of relocating Kardex Times Two units – the double sided rotating filing system with an inner cube of storage that revolves within an outer shell. The 120 units contain over 2000 linear metres of filing. Further complications were access restrictions at Beaufort house limiting access to 7.5 ton vans. The move was staggered over four weeks and involved six out-of-hours phases of around 20 units and 300 linear metres of filing each time. A final seventh phase was a weekend move transporting the 220 workstations, personal filing and all IT equipment. Phew!