Why did the chicken cross the road?


Well actually ‘How did Function cross the road?’ Like the chicken we wanted to get to the other side when moving EnQuest plc, but being Regent Street we couldn’t walk across the road with the furniture. If that didn’t make it tricky enough, it was the week before the Olympics and the road was part of the Olympic Route Network so it wasn’t possible to get parking permission either.

So what next? The high-end screen-hung furniture was all flat packed, wrapped and protected and delivery was arranged using a rear basement car park with a goods lift – but even that plan failed when the lift broke down 24 hours before the move and engineers couldn’t repair it in time. Access was renegotiated and additional labour was arranged so that the work could be achieved using the stairs.

What could have been a disaster turned into the perfect finished result with everything ship-shape and up and running by Monday morning.