Why is Technology Important?

The development of new technology is integral to business success, this is because like it or not, things are growing and changing and if you don’t keep up you will fall fail!

Mobile phones, landlines, computers, laptops, tablets – just some of the technological items you can find in most if not every office today. Some businesses are more technologically advanced than others – 99 Bishopsgate has technology enhanced lifts that tell you which lift to take depending on the floor you want – the only buttons inside the lift are to close/open the doors because it already knows where you are going. Other businesses are a little less advanced and still require its staff to use an old fashion key to enter the office instead of a buzzer/phone system.

Technology in business is important for a growing number of things – not just having a computer that works or a phone that accepts calls but for things like customer communication, collecting and researching data, security and business culture in general. Investing in new technology can also save businesses money in the long run as well as keeping with the market front runners – or overtaking!